Alice Fontier, ESQ 




Violent felony offenses:

Homicide, robbery, burglary, assault, sexual violence, domestic violence

Representative Case:  Client accused of assault with a dangerous weapon after getting into a fight with his girlfriend in midtown. Trial included multiple eyewitnesses. Obtained an acquittal.

Non-violent felonies:

Drug offenses, larceny, fraud

Representative Case:  Client accused of making a hand-to-hand drug sale that was observed by undercover police.  Obtained an acquittal after trial.


DUI, assault, domestic incidents, drug possession

Representative Case:  Client accused of DUI after getting into a car accident and refusing to take the breathalyzer exam.  Obtained an acquittal after trial.


White collar offenses:

Pension plan fraud, bank fraud, federal benefit fraud, insurance fraud, immigration fraud, mail and wire fraud

Representative Case:​  Client accused of using her position as a third-party pension plan administrator to embezzle over forty million dollars from local     union benefit plans. Negotiated a disposition that resulted in a significantly reduced sentence.

National security cases:

Material support for terrorism, conspiracy to kill foreign nationals, and narco-terrorism

Representative Case:  Client accused of providing funds to a Federally Designated Terrorist Organization in Somalia.  Traveled to Somalia and Djibouti    to locate and depose defense witnesses.  Represented the client through trial.

Drug offenses:

Individual sales, importation, and large scale conspiracies

Representative Case:  Client accused of making hand-to-hand street sales of crack-cocaine, as part of a large conspiracy.  Client faced a mandatory         minimum sentence of twenty years' imprisonment.  Negotiated a disposition with no mandatory minimum, and successfully argued for a sentence of three months' imprisonment.

Violent felony offenses:

Hobbs Act robbery, murder,assault on a federal officer, and firearms offenses

Representative Case:  Client accused of a series of violent armed robberies and homicide.  Successfully litigated and limited the government's use of       expert testimony in the fields of ballistics and historic cellular telephone location evidence.  Represented the client through trial.

Immigration offenses:

Illegal re-entry, smuggling undocumented immigrants

Representative Case:  Client accused of smuggling an undocumented immigrant in a special compartment in her car, and made a video taped confession. Obtained a hung jury after trial.


​Federal - Admitted in the Second, Fourth, and Ninth Circuits.  

Representative Case:  Client violated his supervised release by testing positive for drug use.  Successfully argued that the Probation Department did not have the authority to drug test defendants at their discretion.  Created new precedent and rules of judicial authority in the Ninth Circuit.

State  - Admitted in New York and California

Representative Case:  Client accused of forcible sexual touching on the subway.  Argued that the secretive conduct of the client did not amount to force, and therefore client could only be charged with a misdemeanor.  Argued successfully before the Appellate Division and the Court of Appeals.